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We Are Here to Relieve the Dental Pain When You Need It Most in Jacksonville, FL

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Eliminate pain for good when you undergo a root canal in Jacksonville, FL. At our dental office, we are available to meet with patients of all ages in need of root canals. When you are tired of dealing with pain and discomfort, schedule an appointment with Bradberry Dental for any of our services. Our dentist features a number of solutions to keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

Root Canals: Relief When You Need It Most

For many people, fearing the dentist is a regular feeling. However, if you are living with severe toothaches and other discomfort, it is important to visit a professional to discover the source of the issue. In most cases, toothaches, gum swelling, and other issues are signs of a severe problem with your oral health. Our root canal dentist will perform a full checkup to determine the source of the pain. After finding the cause of your discomfort, we are able to form the right treatment plan.

At our office, we are available to perform a variety of treatments for every condition. Whether you require root canal therapy or oral surgery, we specialize in a series of options for your pain. Our staff is dedicated to performing these pain-free procedures for patients of every age.

Meeting With Our Root Canal Dentist

While treatments are available, in some cases, your tooth may be beyond saving. If the only option left is a root canal, you can count on us to deliver the leading standard of care throughout your procedure.

Many people are afraid of the idea of a root canal. However, recent advancements have made this procedure easier than ever before to complete. A root canal is no longer a scary or uncommon procedure, and it can be completed in just one visit. When you visit our root canal dentist, we follow the latest standards of care to ensure that you are comfortable throughout every part of the process.

What Happens During A Root Canal

If your tooth is beyond treatment, a root canal is necessary. This procedure occurs when your infection has reached the pulp or root of the tooth. During the procedure, your root canal dentist removes the infected pulp before thoroughly cleaning the affected area of your tooth. After cleaning the tooth, your dentist seals the cavity and uses a crown to fully seal the area.

Contact us to schedule your root canal procedure at our dental office. We perform root canals for patients of all ages throughout Avondale, Riverside, Orange Park, Ortega, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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