Dental Crowns and Bridges Services in Jacksonville, FL

We Provide Dental Crowns To Help Prevent Tooth Decay in Jacksonville, FL

Dental Crowns And Bridges

Need to fix or fill a tooth that’s missing or damaged? Don’t have a lot of time for multiple trips to the dentist? We’re proud to offer professional bridges and same day dental crowns, so you only have to make one visit. Our tooth crowns restore your teeth’s shape, size, strength, and appearance so they look and feel natural. They’re also stain resistant and don’t affect your speech the way a missing tooth would.

When you choose us for your dental work, you know you’re getting some of the best care around. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience providing personal service and attention to every patient. We’re a family practice that works with people of all ages. Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury or your teeth are damaged from age or poor health, we can fix your smile right up.

What Do Dental Crowns Do

A crown refers to the process of “capping” a tooth that’s become damaged or decayed. When this happens, the tooth needs to be restored, and our dental crowns are the perfect solution. Each one is customized to fit your tooth and match the teeth around it. The size, shape, and color are all personalized so that it looks like you never even had dental work done. We design them for your exact teeth to ensure a comfortable, perfect fit, and put them on in just one visit. At our office, we want you to enjoy comfort, quality, and convenience.

Besides restoring teeth, crowns serve a variety of aesthetic purposes. They cover stains, fillings, implants, and dental bridges too. This can raise your confidence and give you your smile back so it’s brighter than ever. Best of all, tooth crowns can last for years if well cared for, saving you money on extra work and preserving your smile and oral health for longer.

Offering Dental Bridges To Improve Oral Health

When you have gaps in your teeth and need multiple crowns, we make dental bridges to connect them. They can be full or partial, and serve to keep the teeth from shifting, since this affects your ability to bite. Sometimes our dentist inserts a false tooth or teeth in between to more effectively fill the gaps.

These are ideal if you’re missing more than one tooth. Besides giving you a beautiful smile, they also strengthen a tooth’s bite, shape alignment, and appearance. Your mouth will look and feel much better after a visit to us.

Contact us to get your crown and bridge done today. We are proud to serve patients throughout Avondale, Riverside, Orange Park, Ortega, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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